Sunday, October 23, 2011

Class Issue #3: Structure II

Learners: They are 3rd semester students. The class consists of 30 students – 23 females and 7 males – ranging from 19-22 years old. Their English competence is intermediate and post-intermediate. The students come from various parts of the country who possess different levels of education.

Course Goals:
Students possess the ability to:
§ Understand, use and produce compound sentences with their various forms of subject, direct object, indirect object, subject complement, object complement, object of preposition and appositive using:

Present tenses (simple and progressive)
Past tenses (simple and progressive)
Future tenses (simple and progressive)
Present perfect tenses (simple and progressive)
Past perfect tenses (simple and progressive)
Future perfect tenses (simple and progressive)
§ Understand, use and produce active and passive sentences in their various complex forms, meanings, and uses using the tenses taught.
§ Write English passive sentence constructions correctly.

Common Practice:
I always emphasize my students that the major attitude toward mastering English grammar is "Practice Makes Perfect". Learning Grammar is considered as tough materials for half of the students. Thus, in my course outline I write down grammar exercises they need to do prior the lesson. I want them to have ideas what they are going to learn when they come into my classrooms and ask several questions about the exercises they don't understand. However, sometimes, a few of them just copy their friend's works or they don't do the entire exercises recommended. They only work on some tasks and let the others empty.

Proposed Practice:
This online course provides me ideas of many websites that I can make use of in order to extend their learning experience by doing online exercises on the Net, such as:
I can also use some teaching tips available on the Net. For example:

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