Saturday, December 03, 2011

Week 10 : Levels of Technology Integration (LoTI) and Wrap-Up

It's very interesting to find out that there's a way to measure classroom teachers implementation of the tenets of digital-age literacy introduced by LoTI. The LoTI Framework focuses on the delicate balance between instruction, assessment, and the effective use of digital tools and resources to promote higher order thinking, engaged student learning, and authentic assessment practices in the classroom--all vital characteristics of 21st Century teaching and learning.

After reading the LoTi Framework, I realize that I'm in Level 1 - Awareness. I usually make use of computer or the Internet in my teaching activities to access email, retrieve lesson plans from a curriculum management system, and to enhance teacher lectures or presentations (e.g., multimedia presentations). In the classrooms as I ever described before, There's only a computer (no the Internet connection), and an LCD Projector and its screen. The faculty,s most concern is whether we've accomplished the syllabus.That's why the teachers try their best to suit their materials with the course outline/curriculum.

I'm so grateful I can join this online course. The greatest advantage I can get from this course that I'm introduced to a lot of websites, learning tools, methods, and new horizons in applying technology in our classrooms to teach English to our students. I've been trying to apply some knowledge I have and will continue exploring new things with technology for the sake of our students.

Thank you Roberts and all of my 'online' colleagues.  I do hope we can keep in touch for our future professional development.